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If you require a reliable and experienced concrete contractor, look at least SBC Concrete and Masonry. Our company offers top-notch concrete service, catering to your various construction and repair needs. This FAQ page is designed to answer many common questions potential clients may have about our services. We cover all aspects related to concrete and masonry projects in Burlington, MA.

Q: What type of services does your company offer?

A: Our company offers various concrete-related services, including Concrete, Driveways, Sidewalks, Pool Decks, Patios, Walkways, and Concrete Floors. We specialize in residential properties.

Q: Is there a difference between cement and concrete?

A: Many people confuse the two terms, but they are different. Concrete is made with cement. Concrete is a mixture of cement and other ingredients, including water, that is allowed to set up and solidify.

Q: Is removing the dirt required before pouring concrete?

A: Before placing the concrete, the topsoil must be removed. To support concrete slabs, topsoil and other organic substances are too unstable. The cement subgrade must be devoid of organic matter to have a high-quality concrete slab.

Q: Is a concrete contractor necessary for my project?

A: Concrete work calls for expertise and knowledge. There are several fundamental abilities that the typical homeowner lacks. Using a hammer, chalk lines, and saws are some of the essential skills needed; other more specialized talent includes using a straightedge, a concrete edger, a hand float, and others.

Q: How often should I schedule an inspection from a professional masonry contractor?

A: Regular inspections must be done for masonry structures at least 3-5 years recommended to ensure conditions remain proper and sound, prevent deterioration, release the possibility of catastrophic events, mishaps, accidents due to negligence, lack of maintenance care consequences, catastrophic damage caused lives, and endangered harm to the environment. Detrimental effects core concepts stand for customer safety.

Q: What is the average turnaround time for a concrete repair project?

A: Project timelines can vary greatly, depending mainly on the factors such as the scope of work, weather, and material availability. Usually, smaller repair jobs can be completed within a few days to one week, while larger projects may take several weeks or months.

Q: How much experience do your masonry contractors have with materials like bricks or stones?

A: Our team consists of highly skilled craftsmen with eight years of industry experience using various materials like bricks, stones, pavers, blocks, and stills tiles, among others, when executing plans and handling contracts ranging from essential concrete driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, walkways, and concrete floors!

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

A: We deal in cash, checks, visa, Mc, amex, debit cards, and Na with our customers. We try to satisfy our clients in every way possible.

What did you think of our FAQ page? If you have additional queries regarding our quality concrete services in Burlington, MA, please do not hesitate to contact SBC Concrete and Masonry. We will be joyful to provide you with answers as quickly as possible. Please call us at (781) 215-5010 ASAP!

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